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The New SVH

Introducing the New SVH

Snoqualmie Valley Health is proud to announce the launch of its new brand identity. The new branding represents SVH’s dedication to exceptional care and its connection to the unique spirit of the Snoqualmie Valley community.


  • The circle, crafted from river rocks, holds a special significance for us as it symbolizes the flowing rivers that grace our Valley.
  • Through our conversations, we’ve discovered that river rocks are not only found locally in resident’s flowerbeds and cemented into their mantels, but also evoke a comforting sense of connection for many.
  • The way they are arranged, resembling a fire pit, struck a chord with our collective love for coming together around warmth and light to foster social connection.
  • The circle also represents the different stages of life and intersections of healthcare. We are just one of the rocks in patient’s lives, one cog in the wheel so to speak.
  • The different sizes and colors of rocks represent diversity and inclusion.
  • We felt inspired by the ways we could rearrange the rocks into cairns or other shapes.


We meticulously selected colors that set us apart from our competitors in the healthcare landscape of the Pacific Northwest. While most organizations in our region gravitate towards blues and greens, we chose purples, blues, and greens to distinguish ourselves. This deliberate choice reflects our commitment to standing out and making a memorable impression.


The tagline “Live boldly. Live Well.” is an excellent fit for our hospital for several reasons. Firstly, it is energizing and inspiring, encouraging individuals to embrace a proactive and empowered approach to their health and well-being. By using the word “boldly,” we evoke a sense of courage, determination, and fearlessness, urging patients to take charge of their health journey with confidence.

It is inclusive, recognizing that everyone’s definition of living well may vary. It acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual’s circumstances, preferences, and goals. Whether it’s pursuing physical fitness, mental well-being, or personal fulfillment, “Live boldly. Live Well.” encompasses a wide range of aspirations and lifestyles.

The tagline conveys our hospital’s commitment to supporting patients in achieving their version of living boldly and well. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services, resources, and support systems that empower individuals to lead fulfilling and vibrant lives. Through our care, guidance, and expertise, we strive to ensure that patients have the tools and opportunities to thrive in their pursuit of wellness.

In summary, “Live boldly. Live Well.” encapsulates the spirit of empowerment, inclusivity, and dedication to patient-centered care that defines our hospital.

Upcoming Mission Vision and Values

You’ll notice that the acronym of our values incorporates BOLD, which helps unify the identity of our new brand. Stay tuned for more details on this soon!

Staff Rebrand Reveal

Before the public unveiling staff enjoyed a reveal party with swag, cupcakes, and speeches from Renée K Jensen, CEO, and Nichole Pas, Director of PR and Marketing.

Champagne Brunch Reveal

Following the staff reveal, the “New SVH” was unveiled to the public during a morning of bubbles, bites, and raffles to support the early detection of breast cancer.