SVH Unveils Exciting Rebranding at Champagne Brunch

SNOQUALMIE, WA – Snoqualmie Valley Health, a prominent public hospital district serving the Snoqualmie Valley and greater East King County community, proudly announced the launch of its new brand identity at a Champagne Brunch event held on Friday. The event marked a significant milestone in the organization’s ongoing transformation, which has been underway for the past three years, focusing on expanding services, recruiting top-tier providers, and bolstering financial stability.

The new branding represents a fresh chapter in the organization’s journey, reflecting its commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services while embracing the unique spirit of the Snoqualmie Valley community.


At the heart of the new brand identity is a distinctive logo featuring a circle crafted from river rocks, each element carefully chosen to embody the essence of Snoqualmie Valley Health’s mission and values. The circle symbolizes the flowing rivers that grace the valley, while the arrangement of rocks, resembling a fire pit, evokes a sense of warmth, connection, and social gathering. The varying sizes and colors of the rocks represent diversity and inclusion, reflecting the rich tapestry of the community Snoqualmie Valley Health serves.


In a deliberate departure from the traditional blues and greens often associated with healthcare organizations in the Pacific Northwest, Snoqualmie Valley Health has chosen a vibrant palette of purples, blues, and greens to set itself apart. This bold color selection underscores the organization’s commitment to standing out and making a memorable impression.


Accompanying the new brand identity is the tagline “Live Boldly. Live Well.” This empowering motto encapsulates Snoqualmie Valley Health’s dedication to inspiring individuals to embrace proactive, empowered approaches to their health and well-being. By encouraging patients to live boldly, the tagline underscores the organization’s commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services that support individuals in leading fulfilling and vibrant lives.

Upcoming Mission, Vision, and Values

As part of the rebranding initiative, Snoqualmie Valley Health will soon unveil its updated mission, vision, and values, with the acronym BOLD playing a central role in unifying the identity of the new brand. More details on this will be announced in the coming months.

The unveiling of the new brand identity marks an exciting milestone for Snoqualmie Valley Health as it continues to evolve and grow to better serve the needs of its community. The organization looks forward to the continued support of its patients, staff, and partners as it embarks on this new chapter.

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