SVH Joins Forces with Friends of Youth

NORTH BEND, WA — Snoqualmie Valley Hospital (SVH) and Friends of Youth are pleased to announce that the two organizations are joining forces to provide behavioral health and primary care services at the same locations – at Friends of Youth’s North Bend office and at the SVH Clinic on Snoqualmie Ridge. The agreement between the two organizations meets their shared goals of providing mental health and behavioral health services for youth, improving access to health services, integrating care, and providing the best services at the lowest cost possible.

The joint venture offers more options for treatment for residents of the Snoqualmie Valley. Friends of Youth Behavioral Health Specialists will be able to see patients at SVH’s Snoqualmie Ridge Medical Clinic, located on SE Kinsey Street in Snoqualmie. In turn, SVH Primary Care Providers will be able to see patients at Friends of Youth’s North Bend offices, located on Ballarat Avenue North in North Bend.

“This new relationship with Friends of Youth is expected to improve outcomes by integrating and
coordinating the care by primary care providers and behavioral health specialists,” said SVH Chief
Medical Officer, Kim Witkop, MD. “Having both disciplines in one location greatly facilitates patient
access and convenience, as well as provider communication.”

“We have been serving the Snoqualmie Valley Community since 1988,” said Friends of Youth CEO and President, Terry Pottmeyer. “We are excited to be able to expand our work through our partnership with SVH, providing patient-centered services where young people and their families have easy and direct access to both behavioral and physical health care.”

The integrated behavioral health and primary care services are now available by contacting either

Snoqualmie Ridge Medical Center

Friends of Youth

Read the full press release here.