Snoqualmie Valley Health Trauma Designation

SNOQUALMIE, WA — Snoqualmie Valley Hospital announced this week that the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) now recognizes the hospital as a Trauma Level 5 Center. As such Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is now part of the statewide Trauma system whose mission is, “To establish and promote a system of emergency medical and trauma care services. Such a system provides a timely and appropriate delivery of emergency medical treatment for people with acute illness and traumatic injury, and recognizes the changing methods and environment for providing optimal emergency care throughout Washington State.”

With the Trauma designation from the DOH, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital now joins the two other Eastside Trauma Centers (Evergreen Health and Overlake Medical Center) in providing trauma services on the
Eastside. Trauma designated hospitals are required to meet DOH established evidence-based standards, and participate in the trauma registry to support research and clinical education.

“We are pleased to now be designated as a Trauma Center joining other area hospitals in the Trauma Program. It is a recognition of the care and commitment Snoqualmie Valley Hospital has to provide
emergency care to the residents of the Snoqualmie Valley,” said Tom Parker, CEO of Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. Mr. Parker reported that, “our Trauma and Emergency services are provided 24/7 by board certified
and specially trained physicians along with nurses who are certified in trauma care.”

In describing the services provided and conditions treated at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital’s Trauma and Emergency Center, Dr. Kimberly Witkop, Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital, said, “The clinical staff at the hospital is well prepared to handle any emergency condition of either a medical or trauma nature. Our capabilities include treatment and/or stabilization of moderate trauma. Moderate trauma examples include fractures, dislocations, deep or extensive lacerations, falls, and other similar injuries.”

Chris Barnhart, Manager of Emergency and Trauma Services at the Hospital said, “We are grateful to our many partners in the provision of Trauma and Emergency services who have supported the Department of Health’s Trauma designation of our Hospital. To us, it is recognition of our clinical team for the care and treatment they have been providing for many years. As we worked with the Department of Health on Trauma designation, we had the cooperation of many other hospitals and EMS providers including Harborview Medical Center, Overlake Medical Center, Snoqualmie Fire Department, Eastside Fire & Rescue and Medic One in Bellevue.”

The Central Region EMS and Trauma Council unanimously voted to expand, by one, the number of Trauma Level 5 facilities, opening the door for Snoqualmie Valley Hospital to be designated a trauma hospital. Ms. Barnhart said, “We are grateful that the Council saw the need in this area for expanded trauma coverage.”

The Trauma and Emergency Center at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is located at 9801 Frontier Ave SE in Snoqualmie, Washington.

Read the full press release here.