Rural Healthcare: A Testimonial

Read below a beautiful story of community and how rural healthcare impacts such.

“I was asked to call the hospital to see if they would provide a speaker for my senior fellowship group at Mt. Si Lutheran Church. Sue Mocker, the Hospital Programs Coordinator, came out multiple times to teach us about the services the hospital provides, including the Swing Bed Program. She also asked Karen LaJambe, one of their medical providers, to come talk to us about strokes.

Little did I know, I would need hip surgery a few months later. After my surgery, I requested to be transferred to Snoqualmie Valley Hospital’s Swing Bed Program for my rehabilitation.

It was the happiest place. Everyone talked to me. When anyone walked into my room they would ask me how I’m doing. They really treated me like family. I was blessed with a wonderful roommate. Someone checked on us every hour or so and the doctor came every day to see me.

Volunteers would come play the piano and I was invited to go watch and listen. It was fun to go to the Day Room where we ate community meals together. I enjoyed talking with everyone and hearing their stories. The hospital’s soups and salads were wonderful.

One thing that really stuck out to me was each time I had to use the bathroom there was a button to press when I was finished. They cleaned my bathroom after each use. I thought—this hospital cares not only for me, but everyone else too.

I had to go to what I called the ‘evil den’ where they would have me do exercises like climbing the stairs. They were with me the entire time encouraging me, but it was hard work.

When I was strong enough to go home, I transitioned out of the hospital into the hospital’s outpatient rehab. The hospital has complimentary transportation. The van came right on time and picked me up and brought me to my outpatient rehab appointments and dropped me off right at my front door. I had two therapists that oversaw my medical needs. They each had good communication and problem-solving skills. It made me feel good because I knew they were paying attention, and I liked how they explained to me in detail the reasons why I was doing a particular exercise.

I have full strength now and can go up and down the stairs in my two-story home and can drive my car. I do my stretches every day so I can stay pain free and mobile.

The hospital is close to my house so it is easy to have my doctors refer me there for tests such as blood work or medical imaging. That is the blessing of having a community hospital.

The hospital communicated results and status updates to my other doctors. I told my specialist I received perfect care. My specialist was amazed with my strength and recovery and highly approved of my therapy. My primary care doctor knew everything that had happened to me every day and she was prepared and knowledgeable when I had follow-up appointments with her.

I have never experienced such care. It’s nice to live in a small town and have great rural healthcare available. When you get old, all you need is someone to care like they do. We are very lucky.”

Rural healthcare is the backbone to a healthy community. We are honored to serve the Snoqualmie Valley as your public hospital district.