SVH Celebrates New CT Scanner with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

SNOQUALMIE, WA – Over the past three years, Snoqualmie Valley Health (SVH) has undergone significant expansion in service lines and equipment, to support the healthcare needs of Snoqualmie Valley residents. Most recently, SVH unveiled its latest addition, the Siemens SOMATOM go.Top CT Scanner. The ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorated this significant milestone in delivering exceptional healthcare services to the Valley.

The introduction of the new CT scanner ensures swift and precise imaging with minimal radiation exposure, setting a new standard for diagnostic accuracy and patient safety in the region. Featuring advanced 128-slice technology, it delivers unparalleled image quality. Its cutting-edge features include Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) technology, benefiting patients with metal implants by enhancing overall image clarity.

Speaking to the efficiency of the new scanner, Diagnostic Imaging Manager, Steve Bradshaw, noted, “With our previous machine, it took thirty-five minutes to scan a stroke patient. It now takes five to ten minutes.” The scanner’s rapid scan times are particularly vital for emergency scenarios, such as stroke care, ensuring swift and accurate diagnosis when every moment counts.

Renée K. Jensen, CEO, expressed pride in the team’s efforts, stating, “Our team has demonstrated exceptional work in bringing the CT scanner to our facility. Just a hint, though, this is only a warm up project. We’ve got a few more exciting projects in the pipeline.”

New Super Wide Bore MRI Coming Soon

In addition to the CT scanner upgrade, SVH announced the upcoming arrival of a Siemens Free Max MRI, featuring Super Wide Bore Technology with an 80-centimeter bore. Set to be operational before the end of the year, this MRI promises numerous benefits, including accommodating diverse body types and comfort for patients who experience claustrophobia. The new MRI will offer exceptional image quality and Green Technology with a Helium-Free infrastructure.

SVH remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing healthcare services in the Valley and looks forward to sharing future initiatives with the community. As your public hospital district, SVH is committed to raising the standard of care for all who call the Snoqualmie Valley home.  

More about Snoqualmie Valley Health’s Diagnostic Imaging Services

SVH’s Diagnostic Imaging Department provides a full range of imaging services for routine outpatient exams and accepts imaging orders from any referring providers. Now, with quick access to appointments and the latest technology, the best care is close to home.

  • Body Composition Assessments
  • Bone Density Exams (DEXA)
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Stress Echocardiogram
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray

In the upcoming months, SVH intends to provide calcium studies and low-dose lung cancer screenings utilizing the new CT scanner.

Read the full press release here.