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Neeta Jain

Neeta Jain

MD (Pediatrics)

Medical School: Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College, Meerut, India
Observership/Project: Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford
Residency: Cook County Hospital, Chicago
Autism Center of Excellence Certification
STAT-MD training for early autism diagnosis from Vanderbilt Kennedy TRIAD center

What if your child was treated as if he or she were a member of their doctor’s own family? Would it make a difference? Dr. Neeta Jain strongly believes it does, and with a smaller pediatric group, she’s able to personally care for each and every one of her “kids.”

Simply put, Dr. Jain wants to make a difference in Snoqualmie Valley as the area’s pediatrician of choice. First practicing in the rural midwest and later working in the urban areas such as Chicago and Seattle, Dr. Jain said she is living and working in Snoqualmie Valley to meet the needs of her neighbors, to be that extended family to children who may need her experience, and beyond that, her focus on developmental and behavioral pediatrics.

Dr. Jain’s approach is to treat each patient as her own child. She said she doesn’t consider her patients as patients, rather as family. “I call these children my kids,” she said. The mother of two college-aged girls, she brings her experience as a mom and as a pediatrician of 22 years to her practice.

Especially important during a pandemic — during a time of unprecedented stressors felt by parents and children alike — is Dr. Jain’s certification that enables her to diagnose behavioral and developmental conditions in children aged 18- to 24-months old. She can quickly assess needs and recommend therapies to help children and their families. She is an advocate of speaking to educators and students, alike, and said she is looking forward to reaching out to the area’s schools and organizations to listen and learn about how she can be a partner with parents to raise happy and healthy children.

Interests Professional:
Parenting, early childhood, adolescent education
Developmental/ behavioral treatment- ADHD/ Autism/ Behavioral issues
Birth to 18 care
Obesity, healthy child

Interests Personal:
Reading, walking, gardening, travelling, drinking coffee