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Katherine Thompson

Katherine Thompson


Master of Clinical Health Services – University of Washington MEDEX 2016

Katherine Thompson, PA-C, is a dedicated healthcare professional serving as part of the Snoqualmie Ridge Urgent Care team. She is committed to delivering exceptional care and contributing to the mission of providing thoughtful, holistic, patient-centered healthcare to the Snoqualmie Valley.

What truly excites Katherine about being a part of Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is the opportunity for growth and the ability to build new resources within the health district. She believes in constantly improving healthcare services and finding innovative ways to better serve the community. Katherine’s passion lies in trauma-informed care, particularly for survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. Her focus on this niche area demonstrates her deep commitment to supporting and advocating for those who have experienced trauma.

Outside of her professional life, Katherine finds joy in living in the picturesque Snoqualmie Valley. The proximity to nature and a wide range of outdoor activities provides her with a perfect balance to her work. She appreciates the easy access to hiking trails, scenic views, and the opportunity to engage in her favorite pastime: competitive rowing as a masters rower for Lake Sammamish. When she’s not rowing or immersed in her work, Katherine enjoys spending time with her one-and-only grey tabby cat, who keeps her company and brings joy to her life.