6 Unexpected Reasons that Volunteering Benefits YOU

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” – Muhammad Ali 

Uh oh. You were asked to volunteer on a Saturday morning. Before you start squirming, here’s a few reasons to wake up early and lend a hand:

  1. You’re gonna do a lot of smiling – According to psychologists, smiling “triggers a cascade of feel-good brain chemicals” called endorphins, which lower stress levels, reduce pain, and produce feelings of well-being and happiness—which make us just feel good. That and a strong cup of coffee…
  2. You’re guaranteed to meet new people — You never know who you might be paired with, it just might be your new best friend. Volunteering can introduce you to people from different walks of life, and interacting with people you don’t typically encounter can help you gain a deeper understanding of others and increase your emotional intelligence. Plus, if you like to people-watch, there’s no better place than a small-town festival!
  3. You’ll be part of the change – A large number of the most important social movements started as grass-roots efforts that were organized and achieved by the blood, sweat and tears of volunteers. The American Civil Rights movement in the 60s, the American Red Cross, and the Salvation Army are a just a few examples of enduring institutions that have succeeded because of volunteers.
  4. You’ll gain a sense of purpose and happiness – The impact of volunteering has been studied countless times and has been shown to steadily increase feelings of happiness, sense of purpose and accomplishment in those who regularly give their time to others. So keep signing up!
  5. It boosts self-esteem while fighting anxiety and mortality – Stepping out of your comfort zone, learning a new skill or just honing your people skills instills a sense of pride and therefore, boosts your self-esteem. Studies also suggest a link between volunteering and reduced anxiety, depression and other mental concerns – even a reduced risk of mortality in adults 60 and over.
  6. You’ll be helping others – You don’t need a team of scientists to tell you that humans just feel better when they help other humans. Whether it’s sacrificing time for a non-profit or visiting your elderly neighbor, every act affects your well-being, and theirs too!

Here are the upcoming events that the hospital will be attending:

July 4 – Red, White and Boom! Snoqualmie 

July 15 – North Bend Block Party

August 19 – Snoqualmie Days

September 9 – Snoqualmie Ridge Block Party